Harris County Water Control Improvement District 119 - Burn Ban Still in Effect

Oct 13, 2023

Extreme Heat Conditions and Drought Bring on Outdoor Burn Ban

(Klein, TX) The Harris County Commissioner’s Court approved an outdoor burn ban due to the extreme heat and continuous drought conditions across the county and unincorporated areas.

Under a “burn ban”, no outdoor burning is allowed except in an enclosure that contains all flames and/or sparks, outdoor burning activities authorized by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality HC WCID 199(TCEQ), approved ceremonial fires, non-commercial cooking, and prescribed “hot work”.

Backyard cook-outs and barbeques are allowed with equipment designed for that purpose, as is welding and other “hot work” performed in accordance with county fire code requirements.

Although there has been scattered rain recently, be advised that the outdoor burn ban is still in effect.

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